Quellenpark Kronthal

The Quellenpark Kronthal comprises historical gardens with old trees.  An acidulous spring was first documented in the small valley in the middle of the 16th century and the springs shape its story up to the present day.

For many years, Kronthal water was an export hit of the first order. Enterprising merchants commercialised the Taunus water that bubbled to the surface below Kronberg, selling it to takers as far away as England and America. The term acidulous spring classically stands for a carbonated mineral water.

Official physician Küster had the first springs enclosed and small-scale spa facilities built. Around 1840, the Kronthal experienced a heyday and was known far beyond today’s state borders. A spacious spa park in the style of an English landscape garden was laid out. Characteristic features were wide sweeping paths, rare species of tree, and inspired landscaping. A large pond was also part of the original park, located in the area where today the Theodorus Spring burbles in a meadow.

The bottling plant in Kronthal was closed in 2005, but today you can still draw mineral water yourself at two springs. On hot summer days, it’s a joy to take a Kneipp cure in the small, tiled water treading pool. The facility may breathe the charm of bygone days, but the sign indicating the regional park cycling/hiking route “Safari – From Zoo to Zoo” and featuring the scarlet ibis still puts a smile on everyone’s face.

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